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J33P Adventure Club Privacy Statement

J33P is committed to maintaining your privacy.

We collect and hold only information required for the running of the club, such as identification of members, communication and usage.

We do not collect, store, or use sensitive information about you.

You may request a copy of all information retained by the club by e-mailing the committee.

We will not disclose, pass or sell information about you to any other party, nor we will we use any such information for any purposes other than the running of the club, except where required by law or regulation.

We will send registered club members adhoc emails containing information such as club details and its activities.

We use "cookies" to store login details and to improve your on line experience.

We do not use "cookies" to track usage after leaving our site or for storing personal information that others could read and understand.

We will not sell or distribute "cookie" information.

Issue 1.1, 12th August 2005