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J33P Fun/Scott Williams Memorial Weekend, July 2013
Tuff Terrains, May 2013
Ribbesford Wood, Mar 2013
J33P Challenge, West Harptree, Oct 2012
Ribbesford Wood, Mar 2012
J33P Challenge, West Harptree, Oct 2011
Ribbesford Wood, Mar 2011
Seven Sisters, November 2010
Clyro Court, April 2010
J33P Culmhead Challenge, September 2009
Clyro Court, April 2009
Culmhead Drive Round Day, Oct 2008
J33P Culmhead Challenge, September 2008
War and Peace Show, July 2008
Seven Sisters, Summer Extravaganza, July 2008
Bampton Drive Round Day, April 2008
Azerbaijan 4x4 Competition, November 2007
Culmhead Drive Round Day, October 2007
J33P Culmhead Challenge, September 2007
Isle of Man, May 2007
5th Steve Maddison 3 Peaks Challenge
Tuff Terrains Summer Chill Out, August 2006
Seven Sisters Big Summer Event, July 2006
J33P at the 'Land Rover & 4x4' Show at Eastnor Castle
The 5 Pillars, France, May 2006
Team 50 takes the Mac 4x4 Challenge 2006
4th Steve Maddison 3 Peaks Challenge
Slindon, September 2005
BAE Systems Open Day, August 2005
Prews Hangar, June 2005
Tuff Terrains, April 2005
Green Lane Charity Event, March 2005
Clyro Court, February 2005
West Harptree, December 2004
Seven Sisters, November 2004
Tuff Terrains, November 2004
Steve Maddison Challenge 2004
Aberporth, October 2004
Seven Sisters the return, July 2004
Seven Sisters, June 2004
Bampton Wood, June 2004
The Elephant Mud Hole Challenge
Tuff Terrains, April 2004
Ribbesford Wood, March 2004
Ultimate Challenge through the eyes of a WB
Woodpark & Kilgetty, March 2004
Clyro Court, February 2004
La 27e Croisiere Blanche
North Wales, January 2004
West Harptree, Dec 2003
Tuff Terrains, November 2003
Steve Maddison Three Peaks Challenge
Bampton Wood, September 2003
JeepFest 2003
Test your driving skills day, August 2003
Ribbesford Wood, July 2003
MDG Slindon Safari Challenge, June 2003
Cwmderw & Tuff Terrains, June 2003
Aberporth - The Return
West Harptree, April 2003
Seven Sisters, March 2003
Clyro Court, February 2003
Tuff Terrains, January 2003
Ribbesford Wood, December 2002
West Harptree, December 2002
Seven Sisters, November 2002
Cwmderw, November 2002
Slindon, October 2002
Aberporth, September 2002
Tuff Terrains, September 2002
Slindon, August 2002
Cwmderw & Tuff Terrains, June 2002
West Harptree, May 2002
Salisbury Plain and West Harptree, May 2002
Seven Sisters Spectacular, April 2002